Xeqos: Pioneering Mathematical Expertise in Hedge Funds






In the intricate world of finance, where numbers, models, and predictions dominate, Xeqos, an Oxford-based hedge fund, aimed to emerge with a unique brand identity. The challenge was to devise a brand that would reflect its analytical and mathematical model-led approach, resonating with financial experts and mathematicians.


The answer lay in the language of mathematics itself. To embody the essence of Xeqos' analytical approach, the design leveraged two universally recognised mathematical symbols: "Greater than" (>) and "Sum of" (Σ). Crafting a logo, the symbols were intertwined in a geometric dance, creating a slick, modern emblem. The "Greater than" symbol underscored Xeqos' mission to always aim for superior returns, while the "Sum of" symbol alluded to the collective power of their analytical models and strategies.

Incorporating a deep blue palette added an air of sophistication and trust, crucial in the financial sector. For those in the know, the logo provided an immediate understanding of Xeqos' ethos, making it not just a brand but a statement of intent and expertise in the world of hedge funds.

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