United Greeneries: Pioneering Excellence in Canada's Legal Cannabis Industry


United Greeneries




In the bustling wave of Canada's newly legalised cannabis industry, United Greeneries faced a challenging paradox: how to shape a distinctive brand identity in an emerging market rife with stereotypes and cliches. They needed a brand that not only stood out from the crowd but also exuded the essence of quality and the pioneering spirit of being amongst the first in legal cannabis.


Eschewing the predictable and embracing the unprecedented, we crafted a brand narrative that revolved around pioneering excellence. Drawing inspiration from the trailblazing spirit of old-world explorers, we melded this with the modern ethos of premium quality.

The result? A brand identity that encapsulates both the rich heritage of cannabis and the forward-looking promise of legal, top-tier products. The visual identity steers clear of overused symbols, instead championing the themes of discovery, innovation, and premium craftsmanship. United Greeneries is now synonymous with top-notch quality and the adventurous spirit of a true pioneer in the industry.

United Greeneries

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