Tribus: Capturing Core Expertise


Tribus Digital




Tribus, while expertly navigating their business sphere and establishing profound in-person connections, faced a challenge. Their brand identity failed to capture and echo the resonance of their voice and expertise once they left the room. The need was evident: an identity that spoke volumes, reflecting their commitment to going above and beyond, and consistently underscoring the things they stood firmly by.


Diving deep into the ethos of Tribus, we orchestrated workshops with their senior leadership team, defining and distilling themes that harmonized with the company's vision. The insights gained shaped presentations designed to invigorate and inspire their team, opening a window into the myriad opportunities a revitalized brand would usher in.

The heart of our solution was the creation of a distinct brand mark centered around an asterisk. This symbol served a dual purpose: It could function similarly to an actual asterisk, wrapping around the core tenets Tribus stood for, while its central spark symbolized the ignited potential stemming from their services. This mark, both simple and powerful, ensured that the essence of Tribus' expertise and passion resonated loud and clear, long after their in-person interactions.

Tribus Digital
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