Triathlon Bikes: Crafting a Dynamic Brand for Sport Cycling Enthusiasts


Triathlon bikes




Triathlon Bikes, specialists in curating high-quality second-hand bikes for triathlon and sport cycling, wanted to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. They needed a strong brand identity that would encapsulate their expertise, resonate with their target audience, and stand out both digitally and physically in their storefront.


Dynamic Logo Design: We crafted a versatile logo system for Triathlon Bikes. Starting with a full logotype that incorporated both text and an illustrative element, this design was reflective of the brand's dedication to the sport. This was scaled down to a simplified brand mark, designed with precision to fit seamlessly on the front of a bike, ensuring brand visibility even in motion.

Shop Front Design: The storefront was given a facelift with the brand's visual elements. Our design aimed at creating an inviting yet authoritative space, instantly positioning Triathlon Bikes as a go-to destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Window Display Extraordinaire: Drawing attention and enticing potential customers, our window display became the shop's focal point. We conceptualised and executed a life-sized airfoil model, ingeniously designed to showcase various products. From bikes to helmets, triathlon attire, and water bottles, this model not only displayed products but transformed them into components of a larger-than-life sports figure. The effect was compelling, creating a visual narrative of the triathlete journey.

Outcome: Triathlon Bikes' new branding and visual identity transformed them from a mere store to a landmark for sport cycling enthusiasts. The dynamic logo, revitalized storefront, and innovative window display worked in tandem to create a cohesive brand story. This not only enhanced their brand recall but also fortified their positioning as experts in the field. With this new identity, Triathlon Bikes became more than just a shop; they emerged as a hub for the triathlon community.

Triathlon Bikes

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