Swiss Arabenture: Merging Swiss Alps & UAE Dunes in a Unified Brand Identity


Swiss Arabenture




Swiss Arabenture, a high-end travel company, offered unique adventure experiences spanning two distinct regions: the serene Alps of Switzerland and the captivating dunes of the UAE. The challenge lay in crafting a brand identity that effortlessly blended these two contrasting terrains and cultural landscapes, encapsulating the essence of luxury travel and the adventurous spirit of the company.


Dual-Themed Logo Design: To represent the polar terrains, we designed a logo that seamlessly fused elements from both environments. The peaks of the Alps and the curves of the dunes merged into a singular emblem, symbolising the brand's holistic offerings.

Luxury Travel Aesthetics: Keeping in line with the premium nature of the experiences offered, the visual identity was rooted in luxury. Rich colour palettes inspired by the deep blues of the Alpine lakes and the golden hues of the Arabian deserts added depth and sophistication.

Swiss Type with Arabic Flourishes: Embracing the cultural dichotomy, we combined the crispness of Swiss typography with the intricate beauty of Arabic calligraphy. This typographical blend became a distinctive element of the brand, symbolising the harmonious confluence of two cultures.

Texture & Patterns: Drawing inspiration from both regions, patterns and textures were introduced in branding materials. Snowflakes met with dune ripples, and alpine florals intertwined with desert botanicals, creating a tapestry of combined heritage.

Collaterals & Touchpoints: The visual identity was cohesively integrated across various brand touchpoints. From travel brochures showcasing breathtaking vistas to digital platforms detailing curated experiences, every element echoed the brand's commitment to delivering unparalleled adventures.

Outcome: Swiss Arabenture's visual identity became a testament to the harmonious blend of two distinct cultures and terrains. The juxtaposition was not only evident but celebrated, offering travellers a promise of experiences that transcended borders. The brand resonated with those seeking unique adventures, solidifying Swiss Arabenture's position as a leader in luxury travel experiences across Switzerland and the UAE.

Swiss Arabenture

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