Seabloom: Pioneering Vegan Seafood Alternatives with a Contemporary Twist






Seabloom, a vegan food company specialising in plant-based seafood alternatives, aimed to disrupt the traditional 'faux-meat-vegan-alternative' market. They needed a brand identity that reflected their dedication to nutrition and natural ingredients, while maintaining a contemporary, youthful edge and avoiding clichéd 'hippie' aesthetics.


Sophisticated Logo Design: A fun typeface combined with subtle marine elements captured the essence of Seabloom's seafood offerings. The design bridged the gap between nature and innovation, positioning the brand as both premium and revolutionary.

Natural Colour Palette: Drawing from earthy seaside hues, the colour scheme incorporated muted blues, seaweed greens, and sandy beiges. This palette highlighted the brand's connection to the sea, while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

Clean, Contemporary Packaging: To emphasize the natural, nutritious ingredients and avoid the 'faux' feel, the packaging was designed to be minimalistic yet informative. High-quality images of the ingredients, paired with concise product information, ensured consumers understood the benefits without overwhelming them.

Youthful Brand Assets: Keeping in mind the youthful challenger nature of Seabloom, playful and dynamic brand assets were crafted. From social media graphics to in-store displays, each element exuded vibrancy and energy, capturing the brand's adventurous spirit.Communication Strategy: To fortify the brand's message of 'natural yet innovative', a multi-channel communication strategy was rolled out. Focusing on storytelling, it highlighted Seabloom's journey, their commitment to sustainability, and the uniqueness of their products, all without resorting to the conventional vegan narratives.

Outcome: Seabloom's branding seamlessly combined professional aesthetics with a youthful, edgy vibe. By deftly sidestepping the clichés of the vegan food sector, the brand carved out its niche as a trusted name in nutritious, plant-based seafood alternatives. The sophisticated visual identity, complemented by a strong communication strategy, positioned Seabloom as a market leader, resonating with both health-conscious consumers and those looking for sustainable food choices.

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