Satipharm CBD & Cannabis Packaging: A Distinct Swiss Design Revolution






Satipharm, a CBD brand enriched with pharmaceutical-grade technology, faced the challenge of distinguishing itself in an oversaturated market dominated by green-themed packaging. The objective was clear: create shelf standout packaging while adhering to strict regulations, particularly as the range expanded to include cannabis products sold in Canadian pharmacies.


Swiss Design Inspiration: Paying homage to Satipharm's Swiss roots, we leaned into Swiss design principles – known for their simplicity, clarity, and emphasis on typography. This direction offered a clean and modern aesthetic, a stark contrast to the conventional packaging designs in the CBD and cannabis market.

Colour System Beyond Green: Instead of swimming with the tide and adopting the ubiquitous green hues, we zagged. Drawing inspiration from the calming and therapeutic properties of Satipharm's products, we developed a colour palette that radiated tranquillity and serenity. These carefully chosen shades not only enhanced shelf visibility but also resonated with the product's essence.

Expanding with Compliance: As Satipharm broadened its range into cannabis products for Canadian pharmacies, the challenge grew. It was paramount to navigate and conform to Health Canada's strict regulations while maintaining the brand's distinctive identity. Our solution was an adaptable system, allowing for easy extension to new products while ensuring each packaging remained compliant yet captivating.

Outcome: The reimagined Satipharm packaging was a breath of fresh air in a market awash with sameness. Standing tall amidst a "sea of greenness", the brand's products became instantly recognisable, drawing consumers with its unique visual language while retaining its pharmaceutical-grade promise. Not only did this design strategy enhance brand recall, but it also laid a robust foundation for Satipharm's expansion, ensuring consistency, compliance, and charisma across the board.


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