Royal High Art: Merging Cannabis and Cultural Legacy through Street Art


Royal High




With a highly restrictive advertising environment in the cannabis sector, Royal High faced a marketing conundrum. The challenge was to innovatively promote the brand while navigating the stringent regulatory landscape.


Leveraging Cultural Legacy: Instead of traditional advertising routes, we saw an opportunity in Vancouver's rich tapestry of street art. Embracing the "Royal" in Royal High, we repositioned the brand as a 'Patron of the Arts', emphasizing its deep-rooted commitment to the city's artistic legacy.

Street Art/Mural Festival: Celebrating Vancouver's vibrant street art scene, we conceptualised a city-wide mural festival. This initiative was not only a nod to the city's cultural heritage but also a strategic move to embed the brand within the community, bypassing the regular advertising channels.

Collaboration with Justine Henderson: To add depth and authenticity to the project, we commissioned renowned collage artist Justine Henderson. Drawing from her nostalgic photographic collection, Justine crafted eight exquisite collages, each corresponding to a unique strain in the Royal High range.Integrated Marketing Strategy: These collages became the linchpin of Royal High's brand marketing. They adorned the packaging, offering a distinct visual identity to each strain. They also played a pivotal role in Royal High's digital and offline marketing campaigns, ensuring a cohesive brand narrative.

Outcome: The 'Patron of the Arts' initiative transformed Royal High from just another brand in the market. By weaving art into its brand narrative, Royal High not only garnered significant attention but also established a deep emotional connection. The project spotlighted Royal High's dedication to creativity and quality, positioning it as both a pioneer in the cannabis industry and a champion of the arts.

Royal High

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