NHS Mental Health Introductory Video: Supporting Mental Health Awareness


NHS Northumbria




The NHS Mental Health training team faced the challenge of effectively educating senior staff about identifying mental health issues and providing support.

It was crucial to convey this information in a way that resonated with the team's caring and inclusive approach.


To tackle this challenge, we embarked on a project to create an introductory video that would engage senior staff and provide them with valuable insights into mental health awareness and support.

Engaging Illustration Style: We adopted a soft and engaging illustration style to make the content approachable and relatable. The visuals were designed to convey a sense of empathy and understanding, aligning with the caring ethos of the NHS Mental Health team.

Calm Paced Narrative: The storyboard for the video was carefully crafted with a calm-paced narrative. This approach allowed us to deliver the information in a clear and digestible manner, ensuring that senior staff could absorb the content effectively.

Reflecting Inclusivity: One of our primary objectives was to reflect the inclusive nature of the NHS Mental Health team's approach. The video was designed to promote a sense of belonging and support for all individuals, emphasizing that mental health awareness is everyone's responsibility.

The result is an introductory video that not only informs but also inspires. It equips senior staff with the knowledge and empathy needed to identify mental health issues and engage with the support available within the Trust and the Mental Health team.

NHS Northumbria