Myco Holdings: Leading the Future with AI-Powered Mushroom-based Products






As the demand for sustainable meat replacements continues to grow, Myco Holdings aimed to pioneer with its innovative mushroom-based products. Their unique offering, enhanced with AI-powered and blockchain-tracked vertical farming technology, sought to redefine farming's future. The challenge was to encapsulate this fusion of high-tech and organic essence within a compelling brand identity.


The brand's foundation was the name "Myco," drawing from mycology, the study of fungi. Embracing the intricate beauty of fungi, a radiating icon was crafted. This design mirrored the expansive mycelium networks, a vital component of fungal growth, and also symbolised the interconnected sophistication of their farming technology. To highlight Myco Holdings' cutting-edge ethos, a contemporary typeface was selected.

Clean, bold, and progressive, it reflected the brand's innovative spirit. By integrating this modern typeface with the detailed icon, a harmonious balance was achieved between advanced technology and the natural allure of mushrooms. With its refreshed identity, Myco Holdings is placed to be a leader in the meat replacement sector, merging nature's intricate designs with the forefront of technological advancement.


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