Marley One: Merging Bob Marley's Legacy with the Power of Mushrooms


Marley One




With the emerging interest in both functional and psychedelic mushrooms, the Bob Marley family estate sought to introduce a brand that would not only align with Bob Marley's iconic legacy but also cater to modern users seeking holistic and alternative wellness.


Marley One was conceptualised to serve as a bridge between Bob Marley's rich musical and cultural legacy and the transformative potential of mushrooms. The brand name itself, "Marley One," speaks to unity, singularity, and a oneness with nature. Drawing from Rastafarian colours – green, gold, and red – the visual identity combined Marley's roots with graphical "Vibration" motifs. Every product was designed to symbolise peace, unity, and an exploration of oneness.

Given the weight of the Marley name, a strong emphasis was placed on education and responsible use. The brand not only presented the benefits of functional and psychedelic mushrooms but also integrated guidance on safe and informed consumption. With "Marley One," consumers aren't just accessing a product; they're delving into a journey, blending Marley's legacy with the transformative promise of mushrooms.

Marley One

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