Marley One: Blending Legacy & Innovation in Mushroom Product Packaging


Marley One




Marley One, associated with the iconic legacy of the Bob Marley family estate, intended to launch a new range of functional and psychedelic mushroom products. There was an imperative need for packaging that not only adhered to the Marley brand's rich heritage but also stood out on the shelves, clearly conveying its unique offerings.


Circular Motif: Paying homage to the universal and timeless nature of music and its resonance, a circle became the central motif of the packaging. Representing wholeness and unity, it served as a nod to the Marley legacy and the brand's holistic approach to wellness.Graphical Vibration Patterns: Drawing inspiration from sound waves and the rhythms intrinsic to Bob Marley's music, we introduced graphical vibration patterns. These patterns emanated from the central circle, symbolising the ripple effect of good vibes and the brand's impact on holistic health.

Clear Product Segmentation: As Marley One's range consisted of different mushroom variants, we employed subtle variations in the vibration patterns and color codes. This enabled easy differentiation between products while maintaining a cohesive brand look.

Sustainable Materials: In line with Bob Marley's ethos of unity with nature, the packaging materials were sustainably sourced. Biodegradable and recyclable elements ensured the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Outcome: Marley One's packaging became more than a protective cover; it was a reflection of the brand's essence, a bridge between its legendary past and its innovative present. The fusion of the circle motif, vibration patterns, and thoughtfully chosen colors made Marley One's products instantly recognizable. The packaging resonated with both loyal Marley fans and new customers, effectively conveying the brand's message of holistic wellness infused with a rich musical heritage.

Marley One

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