NHS Northumbria: Clinical Noting Digital System Launch





Our client faced the challenge of introducing a new digital system called "Clinical Noting" within their healthcare trust.

The subject matter was perceived as dry and technical, making it difficult to generate enthusiasm among the target audience.


To address this challenge, we embarked on a project to create an engaging animation that would bring the Clinical Noting digital system to life and make the launch exciting for all stakeholders.

Visual and Creative Approach:
Our approach was centered on making the content visually appealing and creatively engaging. We understood the importance of transforming a potentially dull subject into something captivating.

Bringing Innovation to Healthcare:
We highlighted the innovative aspects of the Clinical Noting system, showcasing how it would streamline processes, enhance patient care, and contribute to the trust's commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Simplifying Complex Concepts:
Complex technical concepts were simplified through the animation, ensuring that the audience could grasp the key benefits and functionalities of the new system without feeling overwhelmed.

Generating Excitement:
Our goal was not just to inform but also to generate excitement. We used dynamic visuals, relatable scenarios, and a touch of creativity to make the audience look forward to the Clinical Noting system's launch.

The result was an animated masterpiece that successfully transformed a potentially dry subject into an exciting and visually stimulating experience. It effectively conveyed the value of the Clinical Noting digital system and generated enthusiasm among the trust's stakeholders.

NHS Northumbria