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Build Circle, emerging from the experts who helped scale Just Eat, required a digital platform that reflected their prowess in technical development. They needed an online space that was not only functional but also embodied their brand identity, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and top-tier development solutions.


Webflow Development: Given the emphasis on cutting-edge technology and innovation, Webflow was the natural choice for its flexibility, responsiveness, and design capabilities. The platform enabled us to craft a website that was both dynamic and user-friendly.

Bespoke Design Elements: To mirror Build Circle's ethos of tailored solutions, we integrated custom design elements throughout the site. These not only enhanced user interaction but also highlighted Build Circle's attention to detail and precision.

Content Strategy & Layout: The website was structured for easy navigation, with distinct sections detailing the company's background, services, case studies, and testimonials. Rich content, combined with interactive design elements, ensured that visitors gained a holistic understanding of Build Circle's capabilities.

Bold Visuals & Brand Identity:
Staying true to Build Circle's branding, we used a bold palette with black and neon hues and circular shapes, reinforcing the 'build the circle' concept. This visual identity was consistent across all pages, ensuring brand recall.

Responsive & Scalable: Given Build Circle's growth trajectory, the site was designed to be scalable. This ensured that as the company expanded and diversified its offerings, the website could accommodate these changes without compromising on performance.

Outcome: The Build Circle website, developed on Webflow, became a testament to the company's dedication to superior technical development. It served not only as an informational platform but also as an interactive showcase of their capabilities. With a blend of design excellence and content depth, the site effectively positioned Build Circle as a leader in their domain, catering to both existing clients and attracting potential ones.

Build Circle
Discover Build Circle's state-of-the-art Webflow platform, reflecting their expertise in technical development and innovation. From bespoke design elements to a bold visual brand identity, see how the experts behind Just Eat scale businesses with precision.